​For this special series we invite​d​ Brooklyn and Memphis based photographer, ​Tommy Kha to ​share with us his summertime soundtrack.  Here, Kha curated a selection of songs that have carried him through his hometown of Memphis, TN and connected with early childhood memories and everything that follows.

A playlist, if organized well, has the ability to sculpt so many moments within your life.  It can stick with you for years if you're lucky.  It can change you, shape you, and create memories that you will hold onto for decades to come, or even an entire lifetime.  It can be in many ways a photograph for the audio, or soundtrack to your life.

For this special series, Tommy Kha created a two hour playlist capturing the sounds of his hometown of Memphis, TN as well as the remarkable influence of his current home of New York City .  While on a recent visit back to Memphis, Kha took the time to organize an incredible 36 song playlist titled, Ursa Major, Asia Minor.  Capturing moments from his life in Memphis, to memories of music he knew before he learned to speak English, the artist brought together a selection of songs that were both personal, and reflective of sense of community.

To quote the late rock critic, Lester Bangs "They're events you remember all your life... And the whole purpose of the absurd, mechanically persistent involvement with recorded music is the pursuit of that priceless moment."  So, whether visual art, or music, enjoy this brief trip along side the artist, and we'll see you on the other side.

Tommy Kha received his BFA in Photograph from Memphis Collage of Art in 2011 and his MFA in Photography from Yale School of Art in 2013. Kha has recently held solo exhibitions at Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, Oregon (2018) and Baxter Street at Camera Club of New York, New York (2019). Kha has participated in group exhibitions in the United States and abroad including Kunstverein Wolfsburg, Wolfburg (2014); Deli Gallery, Queens (2016); White Box, New York (2017); Ogden Museum of Southern Art, New Orleans (2018) and the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, Charleston (2018). Kha lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

To view more of Tommy Kha's work, visit his previous online viewing room, At Home, I'm A Tourist.